How To: Play Gaelic Football

The ancient sport of Gaelic football. This is a basic video covering passing, shooting, drills, rules and other introductions to the sport of Gaelic Football. This sport is a hybrid of football (soccer), basketball, rugby, and American football.

How To: Practice lineout throws in rugby

Practice lineout throws for rugby from the Ford Academy in Australia. Throwing the rugby ball with two hands overhead. It is important to focus on targeting, speed and your teammates. A lineout throw is made when the ball goes out of bounds and you need to reenter it into play.

How To: Ruck in a game of rugby

Rucking in the sport of rugby is a way of contesting for the ball once a tackle has been made. A ruck is formed when at least one player from each sides binds onto each other with the ball in between them. Rucking is an essential rugby skill that will give your team the ball if you do it correctly.

How To: Kick in rugby

How to kick the ball in a game of Rugby Union. With help from Esher Rugby Club, here is a great guide to kicking, helping you to improve your game. Kick in rugby.

How To: Hold, catch and pass the rugby ball

Denis Betts, former Great Britain international and current assistant coach at Wigan Warriors, shows the rugby basics, how to hold, catch and pass the rugby ball. Grip the ball around the center, keeping your arms off the ball. Carry the ball at the center of the body, and initiate your pass from the side with thumbs pointing down. Hold, catch and pass the rugby ball.

How To: Sidestep your opponent in rugby

Shane Williams, who plays wing for Neath Swansea Ospreys and Wales, shows the sidestep, a trick that will leave defenders standing. It's all about faking your intentions to go one way then quickly shifting your weight to move in another. Sidestep your opponent in rugby.

How To: Kick the perfect place kick in rugby

Jonny Wilkinson, who plays fly-half for England, Newcastle Falcons and the Lions. demonstrates how to kick the perfect place kick. Set the ball up nice and straight and line the seams up with the target. Start your run up from a 45 degree angle between you, the ball, and the post. Make sure your kick connects with the ball in the sweet spot. Kick the perfect place kick in rugby.

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